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Math Notebook and Calculator
Math Class Guidelines- Updated for the 2022-2023 School Year


These guidelines cover students taking Pre-Algebra, Algebra I,  Geometry, and Algebra II.


During our class time, we will cover one lesson/subject per week. Here is what class will look like:


  • Except for week 1 of a course, you will take the test from the previous lesson; if you are taking two courses concurrently, that means 2 tests. If you attend class in person, you will take the test (s) provided by Mathusee. If class is via Zoom, I may provide a different test so that that you do not have access to the answers provided in the Instruction Manual.

  • We will watch the video(s) for the lesson.

  • We will work through some of the problems in the Student Workbook.


Depending on the course you are taking, every lesson has 5/6 worksheets for you to do at home. They are mixture of lesson review and systematic review (covering material up to that point).

  • You will be responsible for completing all the worksheets associated with each lesson. If you are taking two courses concurrently, you will be responsible completing worksheets A-D for each lesson.  

  • Put your name and the date at the top of the page.

  • If it is a word problem, write down the equation to be solved.

  • Work the problem vertically.

  • Show as many steps as you need to solve the problem. Neatness counts.

  • The more work you show, the better you learn and the better I can help you if you get it wrong.

  • Check your answers in the back of the Instruction Manual. We are working on the honor system; if you just copy the answers out of the back of the book, you are learning nothing.

  • If you get it wrong, circle in red, then re-work the problem to get the correct answer.


Your worksheets are due to me via PDF scan/email on the following schedule:

  • if your class is on Monday, the deadline is Friday at 6 PM. If your work is late, you will receive a zero.

  • If your class is on Tuesday, the deadline is Saturday at 6 PM. If your work is late, you will receive a zero.

  • If your class is on Wednesday, the deadline is Sunday at 6 PM. If your work is late, you will receive a zero.

  • If your class is on Friday, the deadline is Tuesday at 6 PM. If your work is late, you will receive a zero.


If you can't turn your work in on time because of sickness or some other family crisis, I will need an email/text from a PARENT by noon on the day the work is due.


FAQ: Why the deadlines? Because I now know I must grade the work you do at home. You turn it in classday+4; the next day I grade it and get back to you with any problems I find that I need to discuss with you; then you have the day before the test to study.


I will grade your homework; refer to #2 above for guidelines.  There should be NO mistakes (including spelling) because you are supposed to be checking the answers yourselves. If I think you just copied the answers out of the back of the Instruction Manual, or it is messy/illegible, I may count it wrong. 


The day before class, to prepare for the weekly test, you should do re-watch the video. Contact me for login information and re-read the lesson.



  • a. Homework. 50%

  • b. Tests. 50%

Guidelines are based on in-person lessons. If we have class via Zoom, I will provide the login information via email.

New for 2022-2023 - Tuition for September and May is invoiced in late August  and due the first part of September for all students; the May tuition non-refundable. This doubles the normal monthly cost on the initial payment, but when it comes time for May, no payment is due. 

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