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Piano Studio and BAHA Policy- Updated for the 2023-24 Piano Year



Each student will have a 30, 45, or 60  minute lesson which will begin promptly at the assigned lesson time.



Annual tuition for private music lessons covers  from August 21 to May 17 and is payable in 9 monthly installments; BAHA Fine Arts Friday students' lessons are from September 1st to May 3rd, so 8 monthly installments.   Summer lessons are available. Current tuition rates available on request by emailing me at

  • In line with BAHA’s policy, the initial month’s tuition for the 23-24 lesson year, invoiced July 25, is non-refundable. This covers the costs associated with students who do not complete the full year. If a student begins after August, the first month’s tuition will also include May’s tuition. There will be no tuition invoiced in May.

  • BAHA Fine Arts Friday students will receive first invoice on August 25.

  • Monthly billing is independent of how many lessons or holidays there are in the month.

  • You do have the option to pay the annual tuition in July.

  • There will be no lessons on Labor Day, Thanksgiving week, Christmas Break, MLK Day, and Good Friday. If you chose a lesson slot on Mondays or Fridays, you will have the option of taking a lesson during another open timeslot during those weeks, but there will be no refund if you choose not to.

  • Lessons that occur during school closings due to hurricanes, floods, or epic freezes will not be refunded.

  • You will be invoiced via email  approximately one week prior to the 1st of each month. I accept payments  via Venmo/Paypal/Zelle. 



Registration Fee- $50/student/year, invoiced in July or the month the student begins lessons. This covers all books, such as binder, method books, lending library music, and theory book.


Recital Fee – there will be a $15 non-refundable recital fee to cover expenses incurred for the event such as sound support, decorations, and performer gifts.


Invoicing and Late Fee – Invoices will be emailed on the 25th of the month and will cover tuition and other charges such as contest fees for the upcoming month. Payments not received by the due date indicated on the invoice will be regarded as late, and a $15 late fee will be charged.


Contest, Testing and Festival Fees – these are the fees associated with events that students may participate in:

  • TMTA Student Affiliate - $25. SA membership is required to participate in the theory test, composition contest, and publication contest.

  • TMTA Theory Test-$15

  • Gold Cup - $25 solos /$20 Ensembles

  • SJMT Music Festival- $30 solos/$20 ensembles

  • Jazz/Pop Musicale - $15

  • Composition Contest - $20

  • Publication Contest - $20

These fees are usually invoiced the month before the event.


Missed Lessons/Cancellation Refunds

1. There are no refunds for missed lessons.

2. If I cancel a lesson due to my sickness or personal conflict, it is an automatic refund. Here are the refund amounts:


  • 30-minute lesson  - $25

  • 45-minute lesson  - $38

  • 60-minute lesson Studio - $50


A calendar of studio events, holidays, and non-lesson weeks is available on this site.

Lesson Expectations

  • Students must  remember to bring all books and assignment binder to every lesson. 

  • Keep fingernails short, as long nails impede good hand position. Keep hands clean and germ-free out of respect for other students using the piano; washing hands before the lesson is recommended.

  • Parents and  siblings are welcome to use the studio waiting room.


Practice Expectations
Students are responsible for practicing their full assignments and preparing the lesson that has been assigned to them.

Involvement of Parents

  • The parents’ most important role is to listen to the student with encouragement and enthusiasm. I recommend that a parent sit down with the student at least once a week to see that all assignments are practiced and offer support.

  • Parents should provide a well-tuned piano, a metronome, and a place to practice.

  • The parents’ responsibilities include bringing the student to lessons on time and picking them up on time. You are welcome to stay during a lesson – we are teaching your student music together.

  • Parents  are always welcome in my studio. However, after the first month of taking piano lessons:

    • If you would like to continue in the same piano room with the student and me, please follow the same guidelines that the student and I follow:

      • Be attentive in the lesson as if you are the student. Just as the student and I do, refrain from texting/multitasking/reading/etc. The student should know that you are there for him/her!​

      • It could be helpful for you to take notes during the lesson so that you know what to focus on during practice at home.

    • You are very, very welcome to listen from my family room. 

  • Parents are encouraged to email me if there are any concerns or questions. It is my goal to give your child a positive learning experience in a supportive and musical environment. You may email me at

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