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Piano Class

Student Practice Expectations


(Thanks to Amy Chaplin,


Daily practice is necessary and expected to make progress. A regular time should be set aside each day to establish a routine that will become a daily habit. Please treat practicing like other homework and expect it to be done each day. Unprepared lessons cost the same as prepared ones, but their value is substantially compromised. If your child practices the day of the lesson (immediately after the lesson) and the day following the lesson, he/she will retain the most information. Assignments will be clearly outlined at each lesson and students should ask questions. Remember, 95% of student’s time at the piano is at home. Five days of practice per week is expected. In my studio, I try to stress quality practice over quantity, but the following recommendations should serve as a guide to achieve satisfactory results based on your child’s age. Of course, to achieve excellent results, students should expect to practice 1.5 to 2 times as much as listed below.

5-6 years old: 15-20 minutes per day

7-8 years old: 20-25 minutes per day

9-10 years old: 25-30 minutes per day

11-14 years old: 35-40 minutes per day

15 and older: 45-60 minutes per day

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